LOGO OF West Bengal Fire & Emergency


In West Bengal, Calcutta Fire Brigade was established as early in 1822 as a small organisation. In 1865 five fire engines, three of which were horse driven and two manually operated were imported from England. At that time telephone was not installed and there is no arrangement of street alarm system. Police personnel were detailed as fire watcher on the top floor of tall building to observe any fire. In the year 1910, the provincial Government appointed a Committee to re-organise the Fire Brigade and consequently the services of Capt West Brook from England were requisitioned and it was under him Calcutta Eire Brigade laid the foundation as an independent service in 1912. At the commencement of World War-11, the auxiliary lire service was formed to serve important towns and industrial area rest of Calcutta. After the war, the Government decided to maintain a permanent Fire Service on amalgamation of die two services and as a result of which 'West Bengal Fire Services' came into existence in 1950.

The civilization of mankind was first revealed with the discovery and use of fire before the dawn of the recorded history. Again sometimes that fire continues to exact an enormous and dreadful toll of life and property every year due to negligence and ignorance of the human beings. The responsibilities to save life and property from fire and allied accidents rested upon the Fire Brigade. Each and every fireman is ready to serve the people round the clock with their best sincerity, devotion and sacrifice. Wherever calls were received, they rushed to the spot and combat the fire. In such incidents, a number of lives of the brave fire fighter were lost every year. But this is not the solution. Where there is a fire, there invariably be a loss whatever more or less it may be. So our attention should have to be concentrated to see how the fire can be averted. Prevention is always better than extinction. If people remain alert, attentive and take a little bit initiative and interest, then the chances of occurrence of fire and consequently the losses will invariably be minimum. To avert fire, some Do's and Don'ts are given below with the intention that people will follow it and will help the Fire Brigade to help them.